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How To Fix Mac Error Code 43 (Easy Guide)

Looking for an effective & quick solution on How To Fix Mac Error Code 43...?? Go through this blog as it is solely dedicated to the fixation of this particular issue...!!

Mac is a highly robust & user-friendly operating system, which lets its users easily and freely move files from one destination to another. Moreover, it enables you to very easily organize or delete files.

Now regardless of all such advantages… the OS often facilitates its respective users with certain issues… in the form of errors.

One such very common Mac error is Mac Error Code 43.

This Mac Error Code 43 is associated with the file transfer issues on Mac devices… It usually occurs in Mac OS X EI Captain or OS X Jaguar.

The error gets displayed as:

"The operation can't be completed because one or more required items can't be found. (Error code -43)"

As mentioned above… this error you can encounter while deleting a file or while moving it to the Trash. Moreover, you might encounter it while moving files from one folder to another or while transferring files from or to a USB drive.

As per Experts,

The issue Mac File Error Code 43 is actually associated with the incompatible file name characters.

They arise when the file name comprise symbols like: "@", "!", "#", "%", "^", and "$".

Ok… so to understand this… you need to understand the main core…

Every OS has its own file naming rules.

So, sometimes what happens is… you create a file in Microsoft Windows OS… enter one of those characters in the name, and then transfer it to the macOS environment.

Now, this is the exact place, from where the issue Mac Error Code 43 arises.

It's probably because of the characters conflicting with macOS.

Thus, the overall conclusion, the best way to avoid Mac Error Code 43 is not using either of the abovementioned characters in your file names.

Ok… so, this was one of the prominent reasons behind the occurrence of Mac Error Code 43.

Besides, other causes are also liable.

Mac File Error Code 43 can happen if the file has not downloaded completely.

In order to avoid this sort of inconvenience… you need to check the file for download errors.

Actually, the most obvious reason behind partial download is the loss of internet connection.

Now though there are some browsers that facilitate the facility of resuming the downloading process… However, all of them do not provide this facility.

One another reason… behind the incomplete file download is incomplete or partial source file…. This means the incomplete file might have been mistakenly uploaded to the server. Moreover, if the web developer moves or removes the server’s file, this also leads to Mac Error Code 43. In this situation, this error occurs in the form: onedrive error 43 Mac or onedrive couldn’t download error code -43 Mac.

Nonetheless, besides all this, there are also chances of a timeout. This timeout happens when there is a slow internet connection or the server is overloaded with requests. All this causes incomplete or partial download.

So… this was all about what Mac Error Code 43 is or why it happens…

Now coming very quickly to How Do I Fix Error Code 43 on Mac

How to Get Rid of Error Code 43 on Mac

To fix Mac Error Code 43, you can go for 3 distinct conventional ways…

  • Perform a PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) or NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) reset.
  • Check your HDD/SDD using Mac’s built-in Disk Utility.
  • Remove locked files

Detailed Look on Each of the Methods:


Since both PRAM and NVRAM serve to keep certain system settings and then access them swiftly upon request… they do share one and the same reset procedure. Nonetheless, in case if you are having a firmware password, kindly ensure to turn it off first.

  • Shut down your Mac system
  • While your PC get shut down, use the time to locate the Command, Option (Alt), P, and R keys on the keyboard
  • Turn on your Mac system. As soon as it starts booting, press and holds down the four keys… ‘Option (Alt)+ Command, + P + R’… before the gray startup screen gets loaded. Now release the keys after you’ve heard the startup sound three-time…!!

Upon the completion of these steps, check whether Mac Error Code 43 is still popping up. If so, use the built-in Disk Utility feature to fix alternative file storage issues.

Disk Utility Check

Mac’s built-in Disk Utility is an absolutely excellent tool to spot a multitude of HDD/SDD issues.

Once you’re done with while the drive is the strong file you wish to move… implement a Disk Utility Check via implementing the set forth steps…

  • Restart Mac from the Apple menu
  • While your Mac gets starts, press and holds the Command and R keys simultaneously… Do this until the Apple logo gets displayed on the screen.
  • Select Disk Utility > Continue
  • Select the partition/drive storing the file you wishes to copy and then click on the ‘First Aid’ button
  • Wait for the Disk Utility process to accomplish

This will probably for sure help you out on how to get rid of error code 43 on mac.

Remove Locked Files

Deleting files having locked status result in an Error 43 pop-up on the screen.

Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry… as macOS does offer a workaround that allows you to get rid of those files, without having to unlock them at all.

Steps on how to do this…

  • Turn on your macOS machine.
  • Open up the Terminal (Application -> utilities -> Terminal)
  • Run the chflags –R nouchg command to load up a list of lock-flagged files
  • Press Command + A to select the whole list of files…Now empty the Trash Can.

Either of the above-mentioned solutions will for sure help you out fix Mac Error Code 43 or Error Code 43 Disney Plus or Error Code 43 Valorant.

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