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How to Fix Mac Error Code 36 [Error Code -36 Mac Catalina]

On some exceptional times when trying to copy some files and folders, Mac users might meet “error code 36”, which absolutely stops the copy or move procedure in the Mac OS X Finder.

Therefore, if you are too facing a similar error issue and searching for a method to fix Mac error code 36 or error code 36 prodigy, then congratulations you are not wasting your time, as you are accurately at the right place.

The complete error generally studies as “The finder cannot complete the process because some data in” could not be read or written (Error code-36).

To be relevant dot_clean, you will have to find it at the index which is being copied and fling the Error Code 36, it looks like this:

  1. Open the Terminal (found in – Applications > Utilities/or with Spotlight).
  2. At the command without delay, type: dot_clean/ Path/ TO/Directory/With/Problem.
  3. When dot_clean is done, attempt the file copy another time and it is supposed to be successful with no error code.

For instance, if copying >/Documents/FileBackups/ is the problematic directory, you can use:


Moreover, it is necessary to solve the issue, just be in no doubt to attempt the file/directory move immediately after the command is run.

However, if mac error code -36 dot_clean not working, use the dot_clean command in the terminal go through the process:

  1. Open the Terminal.
  2. Type “dot_clean”, by using single space
  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Type "dot_clean”
  3. Drag the folder containing dot_files to the terminal.
  4. Then press enter.

Once the dot_clean command has been run on the files, try reducing the desired files.

 Terminal dot_clean Permission Denied

Apple’s OS X operating system for Mac Systems, based on Unix.

However, your terminal commands return an error of “Permission Denied”, it is typically a very easy fix about user permissions.

“SUDO” is an easy but great command, furnishing you with the facility to run commands as a supervisor for a short span of time. Run your command once more, but with “SUDO” preceding the command.

Although, if your denied command is the last one you attempted to run, you can enter “sudo”. When you first run a program by using sudo, you will be driven for your password.

Once allowed, your command will perform as though you are running as the supervisor or as root. If you again get a “dot clean permission denied” error. Or are unable to use “sudo”, you may not have not have permission to do so labeled on your OS X operating system.


How to Fix Error 36 Mac Catalina

Once macOS Catalina is downloaded, The Mac System arranges it for installation. In only some rare cases, some users may notice the error message ‘Error Occurred Preparing the Installation’. Try running the application again.

However, if the error messages are constant and you have tried to reboot numerous times, here are some tricks that have worked for us in the earlier period and we recommend you try them till the problem is resolved.

  1. Launch > System Preferences > Date and Time.
  2. Set Date & Time automatically to ON.
  3. If it is already checked then Uncheck it and then reboot your Mac.
  4. Again go back to Date and Time Settings and confirm it.
  5. Now try to install macOS Catalina.

However, if the Mac System Date & time deception discussed above did not solve error 36 Mac Catalina, you may have to remove the downloaded macOS Catalina software from your Applications folder.

Find the install software in your applications directory and move it to trash. Once deleting the file, empty trash and reboot your Mac Computer.

After your Mac System restarts, go to the > System preferences > Software Update and attempt downloading & running the install process once more.

So, here finally ends up how to fix error code 36 on mac. Hopefully, you enjoyed the blog reading and it got proven beneficial for you.

In the future will be also sharing technical blogs. So, stay tuned!!

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